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RWTG placed third in the Devotional category of the 2011 Christian Choice Book Awards
To God be the glory for this honor.



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Running with the Grasshoppers
finding encouragement in expressions of faith

finding encouragement in expressions of faith

About RWTG

In an instant gratification culture that is quick to measure success by accomplishment, it is tempting to define true faith as some lofty destination that few will ever reach. But the purpose of God in a life of faith is not measured by achievement - it is discovered in the many small steps of the journey.

The encouragement to persevere in this journey can be found in examples of people who have been where we have been, and more importantly, have gone where we are going. The people we find in the Bible were just like us: ordinary people with an extraordinary God, and in their stories we witness familiar struggles and valuable lessons. Above all, in them we find a powerful, loving, and faithful God who came and still comes to meet us where we are.

RWTG is not another instruction manual on faith; when it comes right down to it, we know what to do. We desperately need encouragement. A familiar voice to call out "don't give up!" when we feel like quitting. God's word and Spirit empowers and encourages us to stand firm in our faith and we must hold tightly to that promise to experience the peace and joy that rises above our understanding and circumstances.

This collection of devotionals will offer fresh meaning and bring new life to stories God in His wisdom has provided to grant us understanding and confidence in His presence, provision, and power. In each chapter you will find four sections:

The Word: passage of the key scripture text for the story. Read it carefully to gain an understanding of the setting and situation.

The Insight: an insightful look at the expression of faith in the story creating a personal connection to the people and places we find there.

The Expression: a
brief summary (one short sentence) of the expression of faith revealed in the story.

The Reflection: questions to challenge you (individually or with others) to consider and apply the expression of faith in your life.

Perhaps you are facing difficult times and desperately need encouragement and inspiration to stand firm in your faith. Or maybe you are in a place to encourage others facing troubled times. Either way, God understands and has given you evidence of his incredible love and power and can use RWTG to bring encouragement.

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