Running with the Grasshoppers
finding encouragement in expressions of faith

finding encouragement in expressions of faith

"Great book but greater is its blessing…" 

"This is an awesome book.  This book has encouraged me and got me through
some tough times.  Thank You!"

"I so needed this at the exact moment that I read it.  Thank you!"

"This is a great part of my devotional time each morning. I am dealing with caring for a husband with alzheimers and it uplifts me to read of the struggles others have endured and gives me a source of strength I needed to begin each day."

"RWTG works exceedingly well as a weekly study with our Sunday morning "Sunday school class" of adults.   Thank you for sharing this treasured thoughtful inspiration with all of us."

"Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in problems and trials of everyday life and reading this book helped me to be hopeful and put things into perspective."

"Thank you Mark for 'Running with the Grasshoppers'.  In reading through it a second time I am equally blessed as the first!"

"At this juncture in my life, I have found the book immensely helpful. I like it, and hope you will do some more!"

I have been wanting to tell you how inspiring RWTG is.  I only can handle one chapter, two at the most, in one sitting.  Your manner of writing is so “real” that you often stir my thoughts into comments and/or writing of my own.  So, I am taking in the book, very slowly, in seeing where it will lead to.


Expressions of Faith

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